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My Vision

As a Gen Z candidate running for Charlotte City Council, my mission is to foster a thriving community that prioritizes affordable housing, enhances infrastructure, modernizes the city, and attracts investment. I am committed to building a future where all residents have access to safe, affordable, and sustainable housing options.

I believe that affordable housing is a fundamental right, and I will work tirelessly to implement policies that ensure affordability for individuals and families of all income levels. By collaborating with local organizations, developers, and community leaders, we can create innovative solutions that increase the availability of affordable housing while preserving the unique character of our neighborhoods.

In addition to affordable housing, I recognize the critical importance of infrastructure improvements. By investing in our roads, bridges, public transportation systems, and utilities, we can enhance connectivity, alleviate traffic congestion, and ensure the efficient movement of people and goods. I will advocate for strategic infrastructure investments that support sustainable growth and improve the quality of life for all residents.

To modernize our city, we must embrace innovation and technology. I will champion initiatives that promote digital connectivity, smart city solutions, and efficient government services. By leveraging technology, we can enhance access to information, streamline processes, and create an environment that attracts forward-thinking businesses, fostering economic growth and job opportunities.

Attracting investment is essential to fueling our city's progress. By cultivating a business-friendly environment, strengthening partnerships with private sector entities, and offering incentives that attract diverse industries, we can stimulate economic development and create a vibrant and resilient local economy. I will work tirelessly to showcase the advantages of investing in Charlotte and promote our city as a premier destination for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Together, we can build a city that embraces affordability, strengthens infrastructure, modernizes services, and attracts investment. With a clear vision and collaborative leadership, we will ensure that Charlotte remains a place where everyone can thrive, prosper, and call home.

About Ben Copeland

Moving Charlotte Forward


Though I was born in San Diego, California, I've lived my entire memorable life in Charlotte. Throughout my formative years, I had the privilege of residing in various neighborhoods across Charlotte, including the University Area, North Charlotte, Plaza Midwood, Eastway, and South Park. This diverse upbringing has granted me firsthand experience of the varied needs and concerns of our city's citizens.

I graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) at Myers Park High School, furthering my education and knowledge. Currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte, where I am pursuing a major in Finance, I am continuously expanding my understanding of economic systems and financial strategies.

My aspiration is to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the Council, representing the voices of a new generation. I firmly believe that Charlotte has the potential to be one of the most outstanding cities in the nation. I am deeply grateful to the community that has provided me with endless opportunities, and it is my unwavering commitment to give back.

By actively engaging with constituents, addressing their concerns, and collaborating with fellow council members, I aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our beloved city. It is my firm belief that through open dialogue, inclusive decision-making, and progressive policies, we can shape a vibrant future for Charlotte that benefits all its residents.

I am genuinely excited to embark on this journey, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Together, let us build a better Charlotte—one that is equitable, sustainable, and fosters an environment of opportunity for all.

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